Trustees, Patrons and Officers

The Trustees serve for a term of three years, and may serve up to two terms only. This means there is always an opportunity for an interested person to join as a Trustee. In addition we have a number of positions to assist in the running of the trust; namely our Patrons, Hon. Treasurer, Membership Secretary,  and Acquisitions  agent.

Sir George White – Patron

The White family have been intimately associated with Bristol Cars, originally part of the Bristol Aeroplane Company founded by the First Sir George White. Sir George is the Consultant Keeper of the Clockmakers Museum, of the Worshipful company of Clockmakers. He drives a Bristol 404 and a 400, amongst other historic cars and has the unique distinction of having seen the genesis of Bristol cars at first hand at the most senior levels.

Lady White – Patron

Joanna is one of the worlds foremost sundial designers and makers, and a liveryman of the Company of Worshipful Clockmakers and the of the Worshipful Company of Scientific Instrument Makers of London. She is an enthusiastic supporter of Bristol Cars.

Dr Stefan Cembrowicz – Chairman

Retired Bristol GP Stefan has owned Bristol cars continuously  since 1971. He is fatally drawn to their fine engineering, exotic aeroengineering roots, and strong local social history. He will argue (endlessly) that surely these were  Britain’s most advanced cars. He has enjoyed  tracing, interviewing and video recording some 20 key personnel connected with Bristol cars from the 1940s to today.

Richard Bancroft – Honorary Treasurer

Richard qualified as an accountant in 1982 and  has been working in compliance roles at FCA regulated firms for the last fourteen years. He is currently honorary treasurer of three registered charities including the BOHT and acts as independent examiner of a fourth. He owned a 409 for a number of years from 1983.

Peter Campbell OBE

Currently Managing Director at Bristol specialist, Spencer Lane-Jones Ltd, Peter has been involved with Bristol cars for at least 20 years.  He is an enthusiast with most older forms of transport and even owned a Bristol coach for a few years whilst living in Germany with the Army.

Andrew Mitchell

Michael Crawford

Michael Crawford

Semi-retired process improvement specialist Michael has been interested in Bristol motor cars since first seeing one shortly after arriving in the UK in the early Seventies. When pushed, he’ll even admit to liking the 406E and the 412! Michael has a preference for the look of the 406 and 407, having owned a 406. He edited the BOC’s magazine in the Eighties, a task he came to enjoy – eventually.