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The Heritage Trust never rests….!

A Barn find Bristol … The Heritage Trust never rests. Our constant crusade of  digging out old stuff has been going from strength to strength lately with splendid donations from the estates of Syd Lovesy, Dudley Hobbs, and Dennis Sevier. An intriguing phone call reached us by a roundabout route, via the Bristol Cars showroom. “We… Continue reading The Heritage Trust never rests….!


A Snippet from Godfrey Oxley-Sidey’s Archives.

I came across this carefully handwritten document  while  trying to catalogue Godfrey Oxley-Sidey's archives. It was alongside some drafts of the  instruction manuals for  2 Litre  cars  so may have been intended for inclusion in one of the instruction manuals. Personally  I now use Michelin XCA, (a  rather heavier type of X tyre which was… Continue reading A Snippet from Godfrey Oxley-Sidey’s Archives.