The Bristol’s Return to Filton

Return to Filton

C152 inverted & adjusted

The Bristol Owners Heritage Trust invites you to attend our November 11th 2017 meeting at the newly opened Aerospace Bristol in Filton. You will find full travel directions and lots of other information on their web-site   The site post code is BS34 5BZ

Summary of the Day

Attend the site all day and have access to all the exhibits and displays from 10am to 5pm for the concessionary rate of £15 per head, with preferential free parking (for Bristols and related marques). These tickets must be obtained in advance – see below.

From 2 pm to 5pm we have a series of talks celebrating the Trust’s new acquisitions and the presence of the 403 display car in Hanger 16S. The talks will be in The Concorde Building.

3 talks are planned, with a tea break in the middle. The Ted Ashman photographic archive has now been fully digitised and this priceless resource will be used in the talks, which will cover Bristol cars in competition, the production history of the 6-cylinder cars, and company personnel at work.

We look forward to seeing you – Andrew Blow, meeting co-ordinator.

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