2 thoughts on “More YouTube Uploads”

  1. These interviews are the fruits of our labours over the last decade, making sure that we recorded as many primary (and some secondary) sources connected with all aspects of the culture of Bristol cars, on behalf of the Bristol Owners Heritage TrustThat. Here you will find detailed personal narratives from, inter alia, an industrial illustrator, fitter, paint sprayer, racing engine assembler, works racing driver, privateer owner, salesman,service manager,factory manager, apprentices, the company owner himself, broker, specialist restorer, and others. Some of these interviewees became involVed with Bristol cars 50, 60 or even, in one case, 70 years ago. Each of these narratives Is part of the jigsaw of this remarkable and quite inimitable company. I hope you enjoy dipping into these.


  2. Stefan, enjoyment would be an understatement, a huge thank you to you, and all at BOHT for capturing and publishing these important interviews with key personnel at Bristol Cars. The interviews with Messrs Crook, Marsh & Lovesy were particularly poignant, as regards the final chapter of car production, and the Bristol Fighter v Buccaneer dynamic in particular. Thanks a million, all the best, Jason J. Wharton


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