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What is the Origin of the Bristol “Scroll”?

The Bristol Scroll… (off a Bristol bus!)

We were sent a query – what is the origin of the Bristol “Scroll” that emblazons our beloved cars (and local buses too)?
This wasn’t easy to track down, but we consulted our President….

Here is Sir George’s advice:

What your  correspondent needs is a copy of Martin S. Curtis’s excellent book, The Bristol Scroll (Millstream Books, 2011, available from Amazon), which contains pretty much everything that is known about the Bristol ‘Scroll’.

My guess is that it was designed by my great uncle by marriage, Edward Everard, the Bristol Printer. He was trained in London, but ultimately set up in the extraordinary Everard building in Broad Street, Bristol, and became responsible for printing all the publicity brochures for his brother-in-law (my great grandfather’s) many businesses. Alas, I know of no written proof of this, but it is pretty certainly the case. That form of lettering was of course very popular from the late 19thc onwards… Ford… Coca Cola… Boots…

With best wishes,
Sir George White Bt.

Linda Bailey / Edward Everard Printing Works, Boad Street, Bristol

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