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The Bristol Saga – the story continues

As the sad recent history of Bristol Cars draws to its inevitable, ignominious end in the hands of the liquidators, there has been a reshuffle in the company’s funeral arrangements.

We understand that the liquidators Wyles Hardy are now also able to sell the intellectual property of the brand time, trademarks and logos.  These are to be put up for sale by private treaty in the next couple of weeks, we are told. 

Online auctions of other items will continue as planned.

The other private treaty sales will be delayed until then. 
These comprise;

  • The ‘Project Pinnacle’,  consisting of one finished, unregistered car (still without a roof) and eight Morgan chassis, plus a number of components.
  • The spare parts collection, perhaps 5000 ft.² including many used components.
  • The archives, consisting of blueprints and plans for every Bristol car made before 2011, and factory correspondence going back to the 1940s.

The Heritage trust has been most generously supported with funds and we are determined to salvage the archives. We consider these heritage items both valueless and priceless. We are also negotiating to find a suitable venue where the hardwood body bucks on which our lovely cars were coach built, can be displayed. 

Do let us know if you would like to get aboard our venture.

Yours in Bristol

Stefan Cembrowicz, Chair.

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