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Arnolt-Bristols and Bill Watkins

Bob Schmitt regrets to inform us that Bill Watkins, who owned & raced four Arnolt-Bristols, passed away  on April 21.  He also started the Arnolt-Bristol register years ago.  Bill was a mechanical engineer, a pilot, and the designer of rides for Disney and other similar parks.  He shared his racing experiences with this: Bob's… Continue reading Arnolt-Bristols and Bill Watkins

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Behind the scenes of the last days at Bristol Cars Here are just 3 of the 36 photos which you can see from the link below. Following a sale of the firm’s goods and assets, groups of volunteers from the Bristol Owners’ Heritage Trust and the Bristol Owners’ Club rescued original body bucks, parts and body panels from the company’s former headquarters in Windlesham.… Continue reading Behind the scenes of the last days at Bristol Cars