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Video recordings of significant Bristol figures

During most of this decade I’ve been tracking down and  interviewing on film key people who had had a significant part  of the Bristol Cars  story in one way or another.

As a taster all  members of both UK clubs were sent a DVD of our interview with Sir George White. But we also have some fascinating footage of Tony Crook talking at his old alma mater Clifton College, factory manager Sid Lovesy who worked at the factory from 1946 to 2011, Richard Hackett, salesman from the early 1960s, Brian Marelli service manager who started at the same time, Alan Tasker who bought and raced his Bristol Tojeiro in the 1950s, Micky Pople who was reserve 450  driver at Le Mans, Spencer Lane-Jones who  was team teaboy at Le Mans and went on to service, restore and rehabilitate Bristols after a military career,  Geoff Marsh workshop manager plus a couple of Bristol Cars apprentices, a cunning painter, an electrician, a fitter, the industrial artist who did the first Type 400 parts book, and the widow of the draughtsman who bought the type 220 when it was being scrapped by the works in the mid 1950s. And a few more, including one of our Trustees, a certain well known Bristol broker….There is also a short film made locally for broadcast about Bristols “Never more than 3 a week” (which actually wasn’t true…)

Doing these videos  helps us fulfil our charitable brief of promoting education and research into the Marque.

Just click on the Videos button on the top menu bar. Click on the link to our YouTube Channel or go straight to the BOHT YouTube Channel

Do hope you enjoy our efforts.
Yours in Bristol
Stefan Cembrowicz , Chair Bristol Owners Heritage Trust.

2 thoughts on “Video recordings of significant Bristol figures”

  1. I have viewed all the splendid videos more than once. They are a fantastic resource for us all.

    Many thanks.

    John (Kearle)


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