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603 Buck en route from Brabazon hangar to display at new Science Museum at Wroughton

The Brabazon Hangar, at the edge of the Brabazon runway in Filton, was the biggest building in the world when it was built  – containing 1,000,000 m³. Each of its front doors is 100 yards long.

We’ve been fortunate to store our 7(and a quarter!)  bucks in there since we bought them at the Windlesham sale. Most have already found good homes and the biggest of all, the 603, is here seen being loaded onto transport.     We believe these are unique – as marques and companies reach the end of their lifecycles, such ephemera may not survive factory clearances. But Bristol’s never threw anything away…

This buck was built inhouse by Bristol’s fitters,  and will be on display in the new  £17m Science Museum extension at Wroughton, now being built.

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